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As a manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems our operation field is not only limited to the manufacturing, but it exists meanwhile already since some years the division Sound Support Service. There our box systems are thoroughly tested and continued to optimize ever, which lets the systems develop always further.

We try to develop and manufacture the optimal tool for the users.

From these experiences we go there by partially different ways than some other manufacturers. For example we use with priority 8 inch loudspeakers for our highmid systems. This usually under estimated speaker has many advantages within the greater 10, 12 or 15 inch models:

  • small portage expenditure, because the dimensions of boxes are smaller,
  • more sound transparence, because the diaphragms are more easily and therefor the dying-down times are shorter,
  • fewer phase problems, since several 8 inch speaker works to approximately 1,7 kHz as a common big loudspeaker,
  • more sound pressure and higher maximum stress on smallest space

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