Powertechnik - Top Sound from Saxony


Marquee sound for up to 4000 peoples with delay-line
Open-air sound for up to 2000 peoples
Event sound (markets, large areas)

Spoken-word and theatre performances
Classical concerts and classical-rock
Special situations (e.g. underground)


Due to our experience of many years and with our large equipment-pool we are in a position to carry out the most variing types of sound support services required always with a view to the ever changing special demands. Monitor-mix or combined, digital live-recordings in two track 16 bit (DAT), 16 track 16 bit (TASCAM© DA-38) or 24 track 24 bit (HDR24/96© harddisk recorder by MACKIE©) engineering are possible. These recordings can be processed and finished in our own recording studios providing you with the required end-medium for the further enjoyment of your event, long after the last note has faded. Due to good contacts to reliable partners in the service fields of staging, lighting and laser-technology, as well as to all types of performing artists and agencies we are in a position to make your event both successful and one which you will never forget.