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Tubelife Power Supplies

Appreciated all over the world

Our Tubelife power supplies works in different countries all over the world to the complete satisfaction of our customers, such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Israel, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic and the United States.

Neumann microphones from Gefell and Berlin are all very popular and appreciated. Our power supplies are optimally designed for it, so that these noble tube condenser mics can unfold its great sound again.

Tubelife-257 MKII

19" Twin PSU

The Powertechnik Tubelife-257 MKII is a 19" PSU supplying two RFT Neumann mics from Gefell, especially the types UM57, CMV562, CMV563 and M582, the models CMV551 and CMV561 after modification of anode voltage to 200V.
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Tubelife-249 MKII

19" Twin PSU

19" Twin PSU for two Neumann tube microphones with AC701 like M49, M50, KM53, KM54, KM56, KM253, KM254, M249, M250, KM256, M269, KM63, KM64, KM65, SM69 or also Shoeps M221b
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19" Single PSU

PSU for the Neumann tube microphone U67.
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