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Modified tube mic

Modification of RFT-Neumann tube microphones UM 57, CMV 551, CMV 561, CMV 562, CMV 563 and M 582 to 6-pin XLR connector


The modification increases the contact security of the old microphones, because the microphone or cable connectors are oxidized already more or less. The contact security especially of the Heating voltages is very critical.


The collectors lets the microphones in original condition, but for the professional users is  the contact security more important.


A recording will be worthless very fast, if suddenly this mic do some noises or clicks. The availability of the RFT connectors NS-84 is not the best, because this connectors are obsolate. The montage of the 6 pin XLR connector is furthermore essentially simpler. For modified microphones you need the cables RMV-6m to connect it to Tubelife-2 or Tubelife-257.